Executive Distance MBA Programs | MBA Distance Learning in India

Executive MBA in India is getting popular and lot of professionals want to earn their MBA degrees while working. We have listed Institutes offering EMBA Distance Mode Programmes in Management Studies in India.

Executive Distance MBA (EMBA)

Distance MBA programs are geared toward enhancing the careers of working executives, many of whom are company sponsored. These programs are for professionals who are already specialists in a field or industry and following are probable reasons for doing Distance Executive MBA
  • Anticipated promotion.
  • Professional experience and expertise
  • Classes usually online

But there are many benefits associated with Executive MBA done online that is why it is becoming very popular and widely accepted in various industry circles.

Universities offering Distance MBA for Working Executives

  • IIM's Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Kozikode & Lucknow have used platform provided by NIIT Imperia and HughesNet to provide distance online MBA courses to working executives. Key features of program delivery are -

    • The Interactive Onsite Learning Platform is very advanced that combines the critical aspects of verbal and visual communication - two-way video and audio synchronized with rich content, collaboration, discussion groups, application sharing and live interaction.
    • The communications platform reaches large numbers of people in real-time. With this platform, live sessions become highly intuitive and effective, as video and rich interactive content are delivered directly to the desktop of the student.
    • The core of the network is the Studio where the Instructor sits. The studio is fully equipped with all required audio, video and computer systems that allow the instructor to teach and interact with students who could be spread across the country.
    • At the other end, the student sits in a classroom (with one of more PCs connected to the VSAT receive and transmit system) and is able to follow the lecture, answer questions and participate in study groups and discussions, all using the PC and its multimedia features.
  • Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) is most sought after distance learning institutes of India. SCDL has pioneered several new concepts in distance education in India such as:
    • Introduction of a “Blended Learning” methodology for all our programs, combining all the three forms of learning, namely, published/printed self-learning material, e-learning and pre-recorded DVD lectures and faculty interaction.
    • Introduction of highly interactive e-Learning content as a supplementary learning methodology to improve the understanding of concepts through case studies and practical examples, thereby bridging the gap between the book and the classroom.
    • Online student portal which provides the students all the relevant information throughout their tenure at SCDL.
    • Online assignments provide students the flexibility and convenience to submit assignments at any time and receive immediate results and feedback.
    • Online On-demand examinations are conducted across India and abroad, throughout the year which provides students the ultimate convenience of booking a date, time and place of their choice to appear for the examinations.
  • Sikkim Manipal distance MBA is delivered through EduNxt platform. It was launched by SMU-DE in May 2009 by Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft Corp. USA and Anand Sudarshan, CEO Manipal Education.
    • EduNxt is the next generation learning system that fully takes advantage of modern teaching techniques to create a virtual classroom where students come together to learn from distinguished faculty and each other.
    • The EduNxt platform is an easy to use delivery system.
    • It enables a collaborative and interactive environment for learning and includes small group mentoring, virtual classrooms, simulation, self-study content, recorded presentations and shared browsing.
  • IGNOU Management Programme is one of the leading Management Programmes in the world. It also offers MBA Programme in Ethopia at Addis Ababa University. Starting its operation in 1987, the School of Management Studies today offers a wide range of courses. The School follows a system of course-wise registration in its management programme. The Main features of their distance learning MBA are -
    • Tutor Marked Assignments, project works, practical and the Term End Examinations.
    • On-Demand Examination which provides completely flexible system of examination independent of the traditional fixed time frame. Opportunity to choose the exam dates and venue.
    • Under the scheme of On-Demand Examinations, IGNOU students can walk into the identified OD Exam Centre of the University on the prescribed days as per their choice and appear for the examination in the course in which they are registered. They may not require to wait for the six monthly term end examination.
    • IGNOU Online is catering to the learning needs of IGNOU learner community.
    • eGyanKosh is the digital repository of programme based learning content available in text and video formats.
    • Education Broadcast is a webcasting facility linking to educational channels – Gyandharshan, Gyanvani and EDUSAT.
    • Virtual Class provides links to all the online programmes of the University
  • The ICFAI University MBA Program is a broad-based management program designed to provide good understanding to students in different aspects of management. The salient features of ICFAI distance MBA are -
    • The University provides a detailed study plan and prescribed books specially designed (as per the curriculum)
    • MBA Program is essentially based on self-study and examinations. Students may attend contact classes on an optional basis.
  • IMT, Ghaziabad - The salient features of distance MBA from IMT are -
    • IMT - CDL has been recognised by Distance Education Council
    • Students can download assignments and check their academic progress online.
    • There are Study Centres in various States to enable the students to have better services and facilities for Counselling and Personal Contact Programme
    • IMT-CDL has added five more Regional Centres at Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Nagpur and Hyderabad. Thus, now there would be six Regional Centres including Kolkata Regional Centre, which is already functional
  • Karnataka State Open University is a recognised University of Distance Education Council (DEC), New Delhi and regular member of the Asssociation of Indian Universities (AIU). The key features of Distance MBA offered by KSOU are -
    • Self learning material for all courses. The SLM is much better than the books available in the market and it covers all the course curriculum of the University and these are specially designed of KSOU students. SLM contains question, chapter end exercise and also have space to make notes in every pages. The language is also very easy and understandable to normal students.
    • University has converted the Self Learning Material into Computer Bases Tutorials (CBT). The gist and essence of the text books are converted to digital frames that are embedded with animations, movies, graphs and online questions. With the help of CBT any student can study at his / her home or at any place where computer is available.
    • University has also created Learning Management System (LMS) which is an online tool through which any student of KSOU can learn anywhere with the help of internet. LMS can tie together administrators, teachers and students in an online space. This shows online real-time replication of actual classroom.
    • On demand examination - KSOU is conducting online examination of the students enrolled under various programs through model test centres in different parts of the Country. The Online Examination is fully automated, hence no intervention of manual system.
  • Indian Institute of Finance 


Executive MBA courses in India through Online Distance Learning Mode are -

EMBA Programmes in General Management are -

  • Executive General Management Program - IIM Lucknow
  • Post Graduate Certificate Program in Business Management - IMT Ghaziabad
  • Accelerated General Management Program - IIM Ahmedabad
  • Senior Management Program - IIM Calcutta
  • Executive Program For Future Leaders - IMT Ghaziabad

EMBA Programmes in Business Analytics are -

  • Executive Program on Managing Business Decisions: A Quantitative Approach From IIM Calcutta
  • Advanced Certificate Program in Business Analytics - IIT Mumbai

EMBA Programmes in Operation Management are -

  • Executive Program in Supply Chain Management - IIM Calcutta

EMBA Programmes in Human Resource Management are -

  • Advanced Program in Strategic Human Resource Management - IMI New Delhi
  • Post Graduate Certificate Program in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations - IMT Ghaziabad
  • Executive Program in Human Resource Management - EPHRM - IIM Calcutta

EMBA Programmes in Retail Management are -

  • Post Graduate Certificate Program in Retail Management- IIM Indore
  • Retail Management Program - IIM Calcutta

EMBA Programmes in Strategic Management are -

  • Advanced Program in Competitive Strategy - By: Dr. AMIT KAPOOR, MDI, GURGAON
  • Advanced Program in Strategic Management - IIM Calcutta

EMBA Programme in Project/Technology Management is -

  • Certificate Program in Management of Software Development - IIM Calcutta

EMBA Programmes in Finance are -

  • Fundamentals Of Finance For Non-Finance Executives - IMT Ghaziabad
  • Advanced Certificate Program on IFRS: Implementation and Compliance - KPMG in India(Weekend Batch)
  • Financial Reporting Practices: US GAAP, IFRS and Indian GAAP - IIM Calcutta
  • General Management Program for Accounting Professionals - GMPAP - IIM Calcutta
  • Advanced Certificate Program on IFRS: Implementation and Compliance - KPMG in India
  • Executive Program in Applied Finance - IIM Calcutta

EMBA Programmes in Sales and Marketing are -

  • Advanced Program in Digital Marketing - IAMAI
  • Advanced Program for Marketing Professionals - IIM Calcutta
  • Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Sales & Marketing - IIM Indore
  • Post Graduate Certificate Program in Sales & Marketing - IMT Ghaziabad.
  • Executive Program In Advanced Marketing Strategy From IIM Indore
  • Advanced Program in Sales and Marketing - APSM From IIM Lucknow

EMBA Programmes in Business Communication and Personal Effectiveness are -

  • Strategic Business Communication Program - IIM Ahmedabad
  • Executive Program on Leading Organizations and Innovations - IIM Calcutta

EMBA Programme in International Business is -

  • Post Graduate Certificate Program in International Business- IIFT, New Delhi

EMBA Certificate Programmes in Management Development are -

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management - IIM Indore
  • Strategic Brand Management-IIM Indore
  • Leadership & Team Building - IMT Ghaziabad