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Top Online MBA in India and by Online Universities

Online MBA in India through Virtual Learning

IIM's have tied up with NIIT Imperia and Hughes.net to provide working executive a chance to upgrade their Management Skills. They are aimed at the best of working professionals who are motivated and serious about self development and are prepared to put in time and effort. These specialised programmes ensure that participants

a. Get an opportunity to have face to face interaction with the faculty
b. Develop capabilities and hone skills
c. Apply the learning to their organisations
d. Share their learning through the platform
e. Work on a live project and report their findings.

An upgraded, specialized skill set and a sound academic and theoretical understanding of the concepts is what the participants can expect after completion of these programmes. Performance in the organization is enhanced and visibility increased, which leads to better future prospects for these candidates.

XLRI has evolved a 12 months consolidated program in 'Business Management'. The program aims to provide an opportunity to study and earn a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM) while working. The program is being offered by XLRI in collaboration with it's technical partners of virtual classroom. The salient features of XLRI distance learning MBA are -

  • XLRI uses Reliance World's Virtual Classroom platform, powered by a world-class Video Conferencing infrastructure, combines the advantages of distance learning with the efficacy of face-to-face interaction.
  • The participants get to interact with professors just the way they would in a real classroom (which means they can see, hear and even ask questions!).
  • This programme is offered by broadband infrastructure to deliver real time, synchronous, live education to all the participating students. The interaction is live and uses high quality video, audio and data transfer.

Amity School of Distance Learning (ASoDL) offers Online MBA, key features are -

  • Amity has designed the study material which is self- explanatory and interactive.
  • Amity provides online learning through Amity Centre for eLearning (ACeL) to give individuals and organizations the competitive edge. In this environment content is mobile. It is available anytime, anywhere. The entire program is hosted by AMITY from its servers at Noida.
  • Online Contact Program through Interactive Live Virtual Classes. and archived classes for those who missed the live classes.
  • Online submission of Assignments, no hard copies required and convenient End Term Online Examinations.

Top 10 Online MBA offered by Online Universities

  1. Aspen University
  2. Walden University
  3. University of Phoenix
  4. Marylhurst University
  5. Regis University
  6. Salem International University
  7. Tiffin University
  8. DeVry University
  9. Baker College Online
  10. Kaplan University





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